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6 July International Kissing Day Status Videos


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International Kissing Day on July 6th celebrates the enjoyable activity of kissing, and the part it plays in cultures throughout the world. The day reminds people to recognize the simple value of a kiss between friends, lovers, family, and even pets. Its a celebrated day that many businesses, websites, and social media sites tie in to for promotions of their products or services.

More Kissing Facts
A study of kissing reported in the book The Art of Kissing by William Case found:
Passionate kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute.
A Hershey’s kiss contains 26 calories, which takes five minutes of walking–or about four minutes of kissing to burn off.
The study of kissing is better known as philematology.
Lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of the fingers.

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